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How to be unremarkably average ?

This beautiful cartoon and quotes by Gavin and Chris Guillebeau describes what makes a person average.

I lost Rs. 50 somewhere on the road

Read this beautiful story on Linkedin.

What our previous generations have bestowed on us ?

Back in the 70s and 80s, our parents just had one thing on their minds. Securing a decent job. What that job entailed always came a distant second. First, it was job security, because ...

Why did you promise ?

Ever thought why many of us are not able to keep all the promises that we make ? My take on this ...

Give your 100 % and be a Hardworking Loser

Hey there ! You hardworking loser.

Living your Last

How do you feel when you are doing something for the last time ?

A beautiful way of looking at things

This is a story about how we can look into a problem or a challenging situation in life in a different way

Selflessness is selfish

How do you define being selfless ? I say - you are selfish